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All solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Supply Chain Management / AX. Here are some of those solutions we have made for our clients.

Global omnichannel solution for Naturkompaniet

Naturkompaniet, Swedens leading retailer for outdoor equipment became somewhat of a Pioneer when they implemented their omnichannel.  Initially, Naturkompaniet focused on simplifying and making their manual processes more effective and less complex. When Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and the new e-commerce platform was deployed, Naturkompaniet got a more transparent and seamless flow across all sales channels, including web, store and customer service.

Full assortment in all stores

One of the project goals was to digitize the assortment to balance out the differences between store sizes and available physical products in store. By providing the stores with mobile units, store personnel and customers got full access to all products which also made orders more efficient to handle.

Twice the size with Globetrotter

As a result of the outdoor storechain Globetrotter purchase, Fenix Retail Europe doubled the size of the operation. Globetrotter is one of Europes largest Outdoor retailer with large stores around Germany and extensive sales volumes through their web channel.  Tydab and Fenix are currently working on a project that aims to replace Globetrotters SAP with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Prior to the Globetrotter roll-out, Tydab has implementented Microsoft Dynamics in other parts of the Fenix group, both in Finland, Norway, Netherlands, USA and Canada.

"We chose Tydab because we wanted to work with a competent and middle sized provider who would commit and be vital part of the project."

Henrik Hoffman, CEO

"We turned to Tydab since they are a reliable and competent supplier. They provide us with the support we need in our ongoing Dynamics AX projects."

Göran Jönsson, IT-Manager

A fully integrated store system

Swedish Agro, part of the Danish agricultural group Danish Agro, run nine stores in Kalmar and two in Kronoberg. The stores have a local assortment, categorized in Garden, Animal, Agricultural, Animal Feed, Hunt, Outdoor, Forest and Home. Tydab was chosen to implement and launch Dynamics AX Retail and Enterprise POS in the store chain. One of the project goals was to harmonize the store processes to gain better control over the order to delivery process. To succeed, we had to develop integrations to specific agricultural modules, simplify order management in store and provide support for price management inc/exc VAT. By using Swedish Agros current Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 solution and the included retail functionality, Swedish Agro got a more transparent system that support the chains business flows, from order and finance to inventory and retail store.

Tydab have great availability and will find the solutions that works for us

Mikael Ågren

Alfdex is a market leading distributer of equipment used for cleaning crankcase gases in diesel engines, primarily found in heavier vehicles like trucks, buses and agricultural vehicles. The technique is based on a oil separator that separates oil particles from crankcase gases and redistribute close to 100% of the oil to the engine. Alfdex use Dynamics AX since several years and recently upgraded from version 2009 to AX 2012 R3. The scope included both preparations for international growth as well as a move and expansion of the physical warehouse. One of the project goals was to maximize the use of standard functionality to reduce both project costs and the risk of locking Alfdex into a system version.

The new version gave result

The improved functionality between system versions unveiled notable effects, for example by making warehouse management more effective and visualising workflows in production planning. Are you working in the Manufacturing industry? Give us a call if you want to know more about what our solutions can do for you.

You don't act like a typical IT supplier as you have a vast understanding of the harsh reality that we work in.

Mats Ekeroth

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